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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Did we not notice a giant Rooster Foot in the suburbs of L.A.?

Rooster Foot, on the site of the former Iverson Movie Ranch

Here's a contemporary bird's-eye view of a large rock configuration I call Rooster Foot, located on the South Rim of the Upper Iverson. You can probably spot the shape, as it takes up much of the left half of the photo. The two houses also seen in the photo are representative of the estates that now occupy much of what was once the Upper Iverson Movie Ranch.

In case you're not seeing it, here's a labeled version of the same photo pinpointing Rooster Foot.

In case you still don't see it ... here's a comparison of Rooster Foot, Chatsworth's giant rock formation, on the left, and an actual rooster foot, on the right. If you still don't see it after this, I'm afraid I've done all I can.

The bird's-eye view of Rooster Foot is loaded with famous movie rocks. Among those pictured here are the Cul de Sac Crew (just above the cul de sac, visible in the photo), Wrench Rock (also known as Indian Head, Upper Indian Head or Bobby), The Cliff (which I often call T-Cliff because of a large letter "T" that has been carved into it over the centuries by natural forces), and others. You can read more about these features and see photos of them by clicking on the links in this paragraph.

Along the top edge of the Rooster Foot is sort of a trough or gulley where many a climactic fight scene was staged, often culminating in a dummy drop off The Cliff. The edge of the cliff at the northernmost end of this gulley is generally known as Lookout Point.

Rooster Foot Gulley — site of many climactic fight sequences

Here's a closer view of the recessed area, or gulley, above Rooster Foot, where a lot of those fights were staged. You may be able to recognize it from the bird's-eye view by the dull green color of the foliage. That's Oat Mountain in the background, a fixture in the backgrounds of countless B-Westerns.

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