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Monday, August 9, 2010

Then and now: a famous movie rock known as Wrench Rock (aka Indian Head, Upper Indian Head, Bobby ...)

One of the first and most compelling mysteries I chased at Iverson was who was that gargoyle figure who showed up briefly in the background in "Thunder River Feud" (1942). The blurry black-and-white image above, snapped from the TV screen, haunted me in the early stages of my expeditions to Iverson — as the rock that I soon began calling "Bobby" seemed to be winking at me with that "eye" of his.

It took a few months to find him, but Bobby turned out to be one of the most intriguing characters still lurking on the site of the old Iverson Movie Ranch. It was an emotional high point to finally see Bobby in person — not the least of which was attributable to knowing for the first time that he had survived.

I later learned that the rock I had been calling "Bobby" had already been given at least a couple of names over the years. One that seems to have stuck is Indian Head (or Upper Indian Head), which is unfortunate because it creates confusion with a more famous Indian Head located on the Lower Iverson, in Garden of the Gods. Another name for Bobby that has been around for a while is Wrench Rock. I usually embrace the existing names when I learn about them, so I reluctantly let go of "Bobby." My name for this one now is Wrench Rock, in part because it avoids confusion with Iverson's many rocks known as Indian Head.

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