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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Built at Iverson: Lone Ranger Rock Shed

In addition to the more widely documented "permanent" structures that were in place at the Iverson Movie Ranch during the peak filming years — the Western street (Iverson Village), Middle Iverson Ranch Set, two relay stations (Saddlehorn and Grove), the Fury Set and a number of key cabins and shacks (Grove Cabin, Gorge Cabin, Hidden Valley Cabin, Hangover Shack) — a series of lesser-known buildings came and went over the years. I'm always glad to spot new ones, even if they were only around for one movie or TV episode. Two other examples that I wrote about previously can be seen at the bottom of this earlier post.

"Have Gun — Will Travel" (1960)

Here's a temporary building that turned up during season three of "Have Gun — Will Travel" in an episode called "Jenny," which first aired Jan. 23, 1960. This shed would have been in place during production of that episode in 1959. It's obviously a really minor structure, just a simple shed, and it looks portable. But what's interesting about it here is where they put it: right below one of the most famous rocks at Iverson, Lone Ranger Rock. For that reason I've been referring to it as Lone Ranger Rock Shed — the obvious names tend to be easiest to remember. In the shot above, which looks toward the west, Lone Ranger Rock isn't especially clear but that's it above and to the right of the shed. The big cluster of rocks that dominates the top-center of the photo is in Garden of the Gods, and includes Tower Rock (also known as Indian Head).

A closer look at Lone Ranger Rock Shed gives a better idea of its proximity to Lone Ranger Rock, which appears in the top right corner. Many of you will probably recognize the rider from his back, but of course that's Paladin, the "Gun" in "Have Gun Will Travel," always in black, played by Richard Boone.

A still closer look at the shed spotlights its simple appointments — sterile enough that if we didn't know any better it might look like a studio set. But what gives it away here is the glimpse of the southeastern corner of Garden of the Gods at top left. These rocks can still be found off Redmesa Road in Chatsworth, and can be accessed by a fairly easy hike through the portion of the former Iverson Movie Ranch that has been preserved as Garden of the Gods Park.

I was just about finished with this post when I realized the same shed — or one just like it — also appears in another episode of "Have Gun — Will Travel," later in the season, relocated to a different part of Iverson. These days I suppose our first impression would be that it's something prefab and they may have stamped out a bunch of them, but the likelihood is that it's the same shed. The above screen shot is from the episode "The Trial," which aired June 11, 1960. The shed looks a lot more beat-up here but still appears to be the same one, based on its windows, door and roofline. It shows up this time in the Cave Rocks area, which is now the swimming pool area of the Indian Hills Mobile Home Village. I'm sticking with the name "Lone Ranger Rock Shed," as the earlier placement of the shed near Lone Ranger Rock is just so iconic (and what else would it be called anyway).

I've included a link below to the complete Season 3 DVD release of "Have Gun Will Travel," available on The series is a good one for Iverson sightings, and Season 3 is among the best seasons. I found Iverson content in eight of the 39 episodes, including the two episodes mentioned above, and I still have a few left to scan. The show produces a lot of "Iverson surprises" — and besides, it's a good show.

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