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Sunday, May 13, 2012

L.A. band the Lonely Wild immortalizes Chatsworth's rocky hills in two music videos

The members of a young L.A.-based band called the Lonely Wild climbed Stoney Point — just across Topanga from the site of the former Iverson Movie Ranch in Chatsworth, Calif. — to perform a couple of their songs for music videos, which they've posted on YouTube.

The Lonely Wild 

Here's "Morning Song," with glimpses of the San Fernando Valley (including an unexpected pan at the end), some of the hills above Chatsworth (south of Iverson Ranch) and plenty of cool rocks in the background:

This next one's called "Hail." You can catch glimpses of Garden of the Gods and the southeast corner of the Lower Iverson in the background (for example, at 0:51, in the top right corner) along with some of the familiar background hills often seen in Iverson movie and TV footage, such as Pyramid Peak (top right corner, 0:43) and Boat Hill (top right corner, 0:59). Also visible in this video are Elders Peak and the rock formation known as the Elders (directly behind the drummer in the first shot of the band), above Chatsworth Park:

You can check out the Lonely Wild website here.

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