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Friday, September 26, 2014

Are you on the mailing list? If not, look at all the great stuff you're missing ...

The Iverson Movie Ranch blog now has a mailing list, which is the best way to be notified whenever I put up a new post. You can join by sending me an email at:

Just say "Put me on the mailing list" (or any other words that make the same point).

What you'll get out of it is an email notifying you whenever I post a new entry, which lately has been averaging about once every five days, often slipping to about once a week if I get busy (i.e., lazy).

I'm sure the big highlight for people on the list is that each email includes a silly annotated photo taken on the Iverson Movie Ranch — talking rocks, confused cowboy heroes and so forth.

Here are a few of the "gems" from recent mailings ...

Once again, to join the mailing list, just email me at:

and ask to be put on the list.


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