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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tinsley E. Yarbrough's seminal Western movie location book has been updated!

UPDATE: Tinsley tells me this edition of his book has sold out. You may still be able to find copies on eBay or other resale sites. Good luck! 

One of the top reference works in the field of location research

I just heard from Tinsley Yarbrough, one of the most respected experts on Western filming locations, who broke the news that he has reprinted and added an update to his book "Those Great Western Movie Locations," one of the seminal works in the field — and a reference that has been invaluable to me in my own location research.

Tinsley notes that the new printing comes with a "2016 Supplement" that updates some of the existing entries and adds entries on some locations that weren't covered in the original, such as Victor Valley and Towsley Canyon.

The new book is available on Amazon, but if you order it directly from Tinsley, you can save a big chunk of money. Tinsley is selling the book directly for $35 postpaid to domestic locations. International buyers can email Tinsley at for shipping rates. To buy the book, send a check or money order to:

Tinsley E. Yarbrough
337 Glenn Court
Greenville, NC 27858

You can also pay by PayPal, by sending the payment to:

Amazon listing for the original edition of Tinsley E. Yarbrough's 
"Those Great Western Movie Locations"

Here's how amazing this deal is. The original run sold out a couple of years ago, and the few copies that are still around have been offered online for upwards of $1,000, as you can see in the above listing from, which I just pulled from the site today.

If all else fails, the book is selling for $49.95 plus shipping on Amazon. (See the link at the bottom of this post.)

The new book has 402 pages and nearly 500 photos, with material on more than 110 filming locations and references to more than 1,200 movies and TV series. The original book has been praised by noted film critic Leonard Maltin, who said it is "as good as any [location book] I've seen."

Insiders in the movie location research universe have known about Tinsley's work for years — and have all raved about it. Jerry Schneider's Movie Making Locations website lists Tinsley's book as "highly recommended," and Boyd Magers of Western Clippings calls it "the ultimate locations guidebook."

Personally, I've learned so much from Tinsley — who still checks in from time to time to keep me honest in my own research — I can't say enough about the body of research he has produced on filming locations. His book is one of the most important documents we have in this field. Thanks for the update, Tinsley!

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